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Nurkhanov Adilet

Nurkhanov Adilet

Many of our partners take a loan to add this money to their savings for buying an apartment and building a house. For instance, during the cooperation with our company, our partner Adilet is building 3 large houses in Bishkek for further implementation. He told us how it all began.
Adilet: From childhood, my brothers, father, and I bought old houses with a large plot. We built a house there and lived with the whole big family. Somehow, we decided to enlarge this business as additional earnings. However, the biggest start for me was the construction of 3 houses on a plot of 6 acres in Bishkek city. Then, I found out about the investment company “Bereke Finance”, which fully operates according to Islam religion principles. We had savings, but a certain amount was lacking. I didn’t hesitate and turned to Bereke company with help. After receiving the right amount of capital, I began the long-awaited construction. Now, I have completed the construction of 2 houses, soon before the beginning of winter, I will complete the third Inshallah! I work in one of the furniture manufactory as a designer. Glory to ALLAH, the salary is good – it’s enough to live on and to return partner incomes before the sale of one of the houses, a small part of which will cover the entire amount of investment money. There are still big plans for life, children are growing up and each one needs to be settled. May ALLAH give a strong health, I will continue to work and implement my ambitious plans. We congratulate Adilet on achieving his goals. May happiness and prosperity be in his family.

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