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About us

Our product: money transferred from investors to creditworthy and conscientious borrowers for a profitable project on the basis of profit, income, and risk distrubition of the project

The Islamic Investment Company “BF” (further “Company”) invests in projects permitted by Islam religion for a period of 1-5 years. Investing is carried out on the basis of participation in the capital or income of projects. Projects are located in the Kyrgyz Republic and are represented by various sectors of the economy: IT, trade, services, construction, and other private entrepreneurship. The company insures its risks by controlling the financial flows of its projects. We have been actively working in Kyrgyzstan since 2016.


Being a partner, not a banker.

Мы считаем дачу денег под процент абсолютно недопустимым как с We believe that giving money at a percentage is unacceptable both from the perspective of Islam, from the point of ordinary logic, and justice. Our goal is to develop business and entrepreneurship on the basis of a fair sharing of risks and benefits between the entrepreneur and the investor.

Our clients

To investors

Total portfolio


Individual investment project


To the borrowers

The company provides financing to borrowers based on the concept of sharing the borrower’s income in proportion to the capital provided. The company assumes part of the borrower’s risks and also provides consulting assistance in the field of accounting and marketing. We strive to become a trusted partner of our borrowers.


Application and evaluation

At this stage, we monitor and help to calculate the business plan of the project. We consider the applicable share of project revenue sharing between us and the borrower

Setting up and consolidating the project accounting system

We help borrowers establish an accounting system that is premium for both us and the borrower

Issuance and subsequent accounting

Depending on the actual receipt of income, the borrower transfers the share of the company to a bank account

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